CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Izzat Marji Group has adopted a new strategic direction for its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, which aims to enhance its contribution to social development and to sustain the initiatives and activities it launches throughout the year. The new direction focuses on three integrated yet independent main platforms: Education, Youth Empowerment and Environment. As such, IMG will select social initiatives that correspond with the aforementioned platforms based on a number of preset criteria.

IMG will prepare individual and detailed reports for each platform by the end of the year, showcasing the impact the initiatives have had on the local community. This underscores IMG’s interest in clearly understating the effectiveness of its role in supporting the community, in addition to various other relevant aspects.

 Over the years, IMG has launched multiple successful and sustainable social programs and initiatives that positively serve the community on numerous levels.

Our activities focus on long term relationship that ensures sustainability and development and creates shared value for both parties.

Some of our partners:

  • مؤسسة إنجاز
  • منتدى الصريح الثقافي
  • مطبخ العائلة
  • المركز الدولي لذوي الاحتيجات الخاصة
  • مركز الحسين للسرطان
  • جمعية الجنوب للتربية الخاصة